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With more then a decade in modern audio engineering and almost all genres I feel like now a days it’s even harder for newer Independent artists to clearly distinguish what’s a ‘poor’ mix vs a ‘quality’ mix.


Simply because “at home recording” became such a massive thing.


More then half the records on the top Hot100 billboard charts are songs that at least started home then professionally “mixed & mastered” so this changed our sound forever.


Then again ‘NOT all’ of those very familiar songs we know and love on the charts today have been professionally mixed because not all indie artists have equal access to ‘quality’ mix engineers.


There for the lines are a little blurry between what’s “audio craftsmanship” vs. “nothing” so I’ve presented a list of projects that you will be fortunate enough to hear. You will notice a consistent transformation from “before” the record was touched for mix-down vs. “after” the record was crafted at mix-down. This is key for indie artists to know what’s expected from a good mix investment.

11 years ago I used to have these comparisons on the site. Finally decided to bring it back!



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